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Pendant & Track Lighting

Pendant lights can be used individually or collectively (multiples) to create a large effect over islands and tables. They are generally single bulb fixtures that are used in more dedicated areas of our homes.  They are used over sinks countertops, even small table to illuminate our lives at night or during dark hours. 

Track lighting is generally used on ceilings to illuminate specific areas like walls with artwork, fireplaces, open beams, counter areas in our kitchens and some other specific applications.  Some sloped ceilings leave us with no other options.  The track can be as short as 2 feet or less with one or more fixtures attached and up to 20 feet or more with many fixtures.  The main advantage to track light is only one power point is necessary to supply all of the fixtures through the track system.


Bermann's Electric Co., Inc.
1240 Boardman Poland Rd.
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Phone: (330) 726-7879

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